Carrot Toy 'n Treat Holder for Small Pets

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Put a smile on your small pet’s dial, reduce boredom, provide them with some additional exercise, added motivation and spice up any mundane Monday with the Carrot Toy ‘n’ Treat Holder from Rosewood.

Simply place this uber fun puzzle toy up high, and let your small pets stretch, sniff and scavenge for treats. It’s all the rage and flaunts three removable toy carrots they can play with and gnaw on too.

REFILL your carrot toy with the WOODIES PLAY CARROTS 6PACK.

  • Made from wood & dyes that’s safe for pets
  • Boasts a treat holder for treats, to intrigue them
  • Flaunts universal bolts that fit on most wire cages
  • Pets can remove the toy carrots to play with and gnaw
  • Great for small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters
  • Can be placed up high for an extra challenge and added exercise
  • Fabulous to help reduce boredom and provide mental stimulation

25 x 15 cm

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