Cateco Odour-Proof Litter Box Kit

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Calling all cat-parents, trust us, you DO want this Cateco Odour-Proof Litter Box Kit in your home. 

Because this ingenious, ECONOMICAL and low maintenance cat litter box is designed to eliminate odour-causing fungus and bacteria, is great for a multi-cat household and brace yourself – if you’re using a premium cat litter, you only have to fully clean and empty this tray more or less every 3 to 5months*! 

This kit also includes a scoop, every cat-parent’s litter box sidekick; as well as a pack of 10 dry pads, to help make cleaning an absolute breeze! 

    • ECONOMICAL – the litter really lasts for SUCH a long time thanks to this box’s ingenious design
    • Eliminates the humidity that odour-causing fungus and bacteria need to grow and thrive
    • Uses the heat from urine and feces to activate a natural air circulation process that neutralizes even the smallest clumps left behind after scooping to eliminate potential odours even more
    • Lower maintenance, as frequent cleaning isn’t as necessary thanks to this innovative technology
    • Liquids that reach the bottom of the litter box go through the aerator mesh (that’s also tear and puncture proof) and for added absorption power, you can even add a thin layer of litter at the bottom to help keep the tray cleaner for even longer
    • When using a premium cat litter, 3 to 5 months* cleaning is recommended (*depending on how many cat’s and the frequency that the tray is used)
  • SCOOP:
    • Matching scoop
    • 10 units per pack
    • Designed to make the cleaning and maintenance of your Cateco litter box as simple as possible
  • Made in Canada

1 Cateco litter box with extension walls, 1 matching scoop and 1 pack of 10 dry pads

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