Catit Range Available Online

It’s no secret that the Catit brand boasts products that cats absolutely ADORE, so i..
R79.95 Ex Tax: R69.52
If your cat is a messy eater, and you’re simply fed-up with their kibbles scattered ..
R226.15 Ex Tax: R196.65
This gorgeous Catit Drinking Fountain for cats will look great in any home. The sound and ..
R1,710.86 Ex Tax: R1,487.70
Rreplacement Filter for Catit Flower Fountain 3L and Catit LED Flower Fountain. Th..
R314.64 Ex Tax: R273.60
This gorgeous 3L flower drinking fountain is the Rolls Royce of the flower fountain range...
R1,730.52 Ex Tax: R1,504.80
Did you know that not all curious cats are avid drinkers? Sad right? Dehydrated pet bod..
R1,150.40 Ex Tax: R1,000.35
Welcome grooming independence into your home with the Catit Senses Self Groomer for all ca..
R192.72 Ex Tax: R167.58
Replacement dual action filters for the Catit Flower Fountains. Absorbs impurities, filter..
R294.98 Ex Tax: R256.50
Replacement dual action filters for the Catit Mini Flower Fountain and Zeus Mini Dog ..
R294.98 Ex Tax: R256.50
Slow down your guzzler and turn kitty’s eating time into playtime with the Catit Foo..
R786.60 Ex Tax: R684.00
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