Let them hunt, play and chew with the awesome 3-in-1 Circuit Ball with Cat Grass cat toy f..
R540.79 Ex Tax: R470.25
Turn all of your cat’s nine lives into pure awesomeness with the 3-in-1 Circuit Ball..
R383.47 Ex Tax: R333.45
Most cats do love a good rub, massage, tickle and scratch – so why not provide them ..
R442.46 Ex Tax: R384.75
Keep your cat (and small dog) hydrated and healthy with a constant stream of fresh, flowin..
R894.76 Ex Tax: R778.05
Does your cat love grass or nibbling on your pot plants? This cat grass planter is a mess ..
R452.30 Ex Tax: R393.30
Fiery feline fun and endless entertainment with the motion activated illuminating Catit Fi..
R144.77 Ex Tax: R125.89
If your cat is a messy eater, and you’re simply fed-up with their kibbles scattered over t..
R206.48 Ex Tax: R179.55
This gorgeous Catit Drinking Fountain for cats will look great in any home. The sound and ..
R943.54 Ex Tax: R820.47
Did you know that not all curious cats are avid drinkers? Sad right? Dehydrated pet bod..
R776.77 Ex Tax: R675.45
Welcome grooming independence into your home with the Catit Senses Self Groomer for all ca..
R129.80 Ex Tax: R112.87
Made to stimulate your cat's sense of sight, sound and touch, the Catit Design Senses ..
R753.25 Ex Tax: R655.00
Reduce the speed at which your cat eats with the disco action, slow feeder Catit Treat Spi..
R235.98 Ex Tax: R205.20
Replacement dual action filters for the Catit Flower Fountain. Absorbs impurities, filters..
R235.27 Ex Tax: R204.58
Replacement dual action filters for the Catit Mini Flower Fountain. Absorbs impurities, fi..
R116.02 Ex Tax: R100.89
Slow down your guzzler and turn kitty’s eating time into playtime with the Catit Foo..
R688.28 Ex Tax: R598.50
Prevent your cat from binge eating with the Catit Multi Feeder. It’s an easy to clea..
R294.98 Ex Tax: R256.50
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