Frozen Cooling Mat for Dogs

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Effectively cool your dog down during scorching hot days and sizzling summer months with the super-duper refreshing Cooling Mat for dogs from M Pets.

It’s ready to use, foldable for easy storage, washable by hand, filled with cooling gel (thus NO electricity needed), non-toxic and an absolute must-have.

Both sides of this cooling mat can be used too.

  • Filled with cooling gel to effectively cool and soothe your dog’s warm body
  • Non-toxic
  • Simply place in the fridge to cool
  • Both sides can be used
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Easy to clean – washable by hand

Simply place your cooling mat in the fridge, allow the gel to cool, remove, place on the floor and let your dog enjoy crispy coolness as they lie on it.

SMALL – 40 x 50 cm
MEDIUM – 65 x 50 cm
LARGE – 90 x 50 cm

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