Purl Advanced Detangling Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

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Dreaming of the Rapunzel look for your long-haired pets, but struggling to keep up with knots and tangles?

The Purl Advanced Detangling Shampoo for dogs and cats is for you! Made with cosmetic silicones and coconut oil derivatives to successfully help de-tangle the bird’s nests formed in their coats, this shampoo also boasts a neutral pH to protect their skin from soapy irritations. 

  • Detangling shampoo for dogs & cats with long hair
  • Neutral PH and won’t irritate pet’s skin
  • Specialised conditioning actives (cosmetic silicones & coconut oil derivatives) is the secret to its detangling formula



  1. Wet coat well with lukewarm water
  2. Use PURL shampoo liberally to create a good lather
  3. Wash well and rinse with lukewarm water
  4. Dry your pet thoroughly after washing
  5. Avoid contact with the eyes and if accidental contact should occur, rinse the eyes with clean water

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