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DrinkWell Pet Fountains Available Online

Why get a pet drinking fountain you ask? Great question! Other than the obvious, that it provides a constant stream of fresh, flowing water — pet drinking fountains actually help entice your pets to drink! Truth be told, most pets are drawn to flowing water, and if you’ve ever caught your cat drinking from the faucet — then you’re definitely the pet-parent to one of those pets! Need we mention pets need to stay hydrated in order to stay healthy? And a hydrated pet’s chances of developing UTIs and kidney-issues is also reduced. These fountains are of course developed by a veterinarian, are bound to look amazing on any kitchen floor, and boast different water fountains to suit different sized pets too. Each DrinkWell fountain’s ingenious design features a pre-filter to catch large particles before they reach the motor, and is fitted with a removable filter (for replacing) that’s available on ePETstore as well. What’s more — the DrinkWell range also flaunts a cleaning kit to help keep your DrinkWell Fountain clean, free of germs, and to help prolong your pet water fountain’s product life! 


Who makes DrinkWell products?

The Radio Systems Corporation family of brands includes the DrinkWell brand, and other best-selling brands like the PetSafe and the Staywell Pet Door ranges as well.


Is DrinkWell an American company?

Yes, DrinkWell is a US-based social enterprise with offices in Kolkata and Dhaka.


Do vets recommend water fountains for dogs and cats?

Many vets recommend pet drinking fountains to help your pets (especially cats) stay hydrated, as many cats are drawn to running water, and thus drinking fountains help encourage your pets/cats to drink/drink more. 


Why shop DrinkWell pet drinking fountains online with ePETstore?

By shopping online with us, you skip time-consuming queues and annoying traffic, because ePETstore delivers your pet goodies straight to your door ANYWHERE in sunny South Africa — be it Bothasig, Balfour, Barrydale, Bela-Bela, Bethlehem or Bredasdorp!