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Pet-parent, are ticks and fleas driving you mad? THEN STOP THE MADNESS and browse and shop the Frontline Tick and Flea Treatment and Parasite Prevention range for your pets TODAY! The Frontline range flaunts a spot-on to a tick and flea treatment spray suitable for both your dog and cat to benefit from, to help effectively, easily and quickly eliminate those perilous ectoparasites from your pet’s back, fur and life! Of course, Frontline is a fast-acting, long-lasting, waterproof and easy-to-apply treatment that assists in the control of flea allergy dermatitis, kills all major species of ticks, as well as breaks the flea life cycle by inhibiting the development of flea eggs and larvae too. Frontline’s spot-on range also boasts an easy-to-use pipette that kills 100% of fleas within 18-24 hours, and Frontline’s spray is well tolerated by even the smallest dogs and cats — meaning both treatments have their unique claims to fame! So pet-parent, you and your babas are in GREAT hands!


How long does it take for Frontline to work?

Frontline starts to work IMMEDIATELY once the product has spread over your pet’s whole body surface. Thereafter, fleas are killed within 24 hours and ticks killed within 48 hours.


What is the difference between Frontline and Frontline Plus?

In a nutshell — Frontline protects your pet against adult fleas, flea allergy dermatitis, ticks (including paralysis ticks and brown dog ticks) and biting lice. Frontline Plus however contains an extra ingredient: Methoprene that kills all stages of the flea life cycle. Amazing.


Do you need a vet prescription for Frontline?

No, you don't. You can buy Frontline and Frontline Plus without a vet's prescription.


Why shop Frontline pet tick and flea control online with ePETstore?

By shopping online with us, you skip time-consuming queues and annoying traffic, because ePETstore delivers your pet goodies straight to your door ANYWHERE in sunny South Africa — be it George, Mossel Bay, Kiepersol, Magaliesburg, Robertson or Cape Town!