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The specialized dog cleaning Furminator Deshedding Waterless Spray helps reduce shedding. ..
R170.00 Ex Tax: R149.12
Keep your pet clean and well-groomed at home with the Furminator Firm Slicker Brush. Ideal..
R327.00 Ex Tax: R286.84
Shedding is natural and there's no way to eliminate it. But there is a better way than..
R1,104.00 Ex Tax: R968.42
Shedding is natural, even in short haired dogs, and there's no way toeliminate it. But..
R1,104.00 Ex Tax: R968.42
The Furminator Soft Slicker Brush removessurface mats and detangles and smooths fur withou..
R327.00 Ex Tax: R286.84
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