Rosewood Glitter Hamster Ball

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Get those hamster limbs moving with this top-quality, shatterproof, uber snazzy Glitter Hamster Ball from Rosewood.

This playball and gym station is a safe way to provide your tiny tots with some needed exercise, without the risk of them escaping. 

  • Suitable for hamsters
  • Top-quality and shatterproof exercise ball
  • Safe way for them to exercise without the risk of escape

18cm in diameter


  • Limit their time in the exercise ball – remember they’re not training for the Olympics.
  • 10 minute sessions are the way to go. You can always add a few more minutes if your tiny tot is REALLY having a BALL-of-a-time (pun toats intended). If your tiny tot stops, they just have had enough.
  • DON’T leave them in the ball, and then go head on over to the mall. Obviously the’ll become stressed if left in the ball for long periods.
  • Supervise them and their movements at all times AND PLEASE AVOID STAIRS, as they are almost always injured or killed from their exercise balls rolling downstairs. Just don’t let that happen.

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