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Pet-parent, start getting excited — because the Kyron range of pet products is the cat’s pyjamas, the spider’s ankles, and the bee’s knees! It’s loved by pet-parents and recommended by vets, to help your pets be the best versions of themselves they can and could possibly be. This extraordinary range flaunts brands that are absolutely ADORED: to name but a few: The Purl Pet Shampoo range that caters for dogs, cats and small pets to leave thick, grimy and/or sensitive coats shiny, healthy and looking great! It also flaunts the super popular Arnica Ice Cooling Gel for dogs, horses and humans, because active dogs, horses and HUMANS just love this icy delight to help soothe muscles and relieve pain. However, the magic honestly does NOT stop there, as this range also flaunts admired brands like Mirra-Cote for shiny pet coats, Ultrum for tick and flea-free carpets, furniture, kennels, bedding, and crevices in the floor, as well as Mobiflex to soothe aching pet joints, and Pheroma Powder Odour Neutraliser, Protexin Soluble Probiotic Powder, Antezole, and Pet Dent! It’s safe to say the Kyron range provides your dogs, cats and small pets with products they NEED — be it to restore intestinal flora, to promote dental health, for joint support, to aid behavioural issues, to clear eye streaks, and/or to tackle intestinal worms … whatever the issue — Kyron has got you and your pets covered! 


What is Kyron?

Kyron is a specialist animal health company which manufactures, as well as markets, an extensive range of pharmaceutical and nutritional products in the animal health field. Kyron serves the veterinary profession with incredible products and exports to the UK as well as Botswana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe and other African countries. 


When was Kyron established?

Kyron Laboratories (Pty) Ltd was established in 1990 in Johannesburg.


What are the most popular Kyron pet products on the consumer pet market?

Kyron’s most popular brands in the consumer pet market are Mirra-Cote, Ultrum, Purl, Mobiflex, Antezole and Pet Dent, which can be found in most vet and pet shops around the country. 


Why shop Kyron pet products online with ePETstore?

By shopping online with us, you skip time-consuming queues and annoying traffic, because ePETstore delivers your pet goodies straight to your door ANYWHERE in sunny South Africa — be it Alberton, Boksburg, Grahamstown, Lamberts Bay, Prince Albert or Wellington!