100 ml bottle A tasty, liquid dewormer for dogs and cats. Antezole Deworming Liquid, co..
R436.05 Ex Tax: R382.50
Antezole Paste in a convenient and easy-to-use dial-a-dose syringe is an effective dog &am..
R130.64 Ex Tax: R114.60
100 ml bottle. Powerful non-toxic bitter solution that discourages pets from chewing, l..
R134.24 Ex Tax: R117.75
100 ml bottle. A mild, yet effective, product that removes the reddy-brown tear streak ..
R60.88 Ex Tax: R53.40
Tub Size is 500gr Cani-vit vitamin, mineral and protein supplement for dogs is a tasty ..
R113.72 Ex Tax: R99.75
500 g bottle Footsack Granules are an aid to stop your pets undesirable habits out..
R100.64 Ex Tax: R88.28
200 ml bottle. Repellent spray to keep dogs and cats away from designated areas, preven..
R99.27 Ex Tax: R87.08
Pack contains 12 biscuits Great tasting nutritional treats for mature, ageing & ger..
R50.79 Ex Tax: R44.55
Pack contains 12 biscuits Great tasting nutritional treats for dogs, enriched with the ..
R50.79 Ex Tax: R44.55
Pack contains 12 biscuits Great tasting nutritional treats for dogs, enriched with the ..
R50.79 Ex Tax: R44.55
250 gr tub. Nutritional supplement and milk replacer for orphaned or rejected kittens. ..
R179.55 Ex Tax: R157.50
50 gr tube Laxapet is an effective laxative gel for treating constipation in dogs and c..
R53.87 Ex Tax: R47.25
Tub contains 250gr Milk replacer for puppies that cannot get bitch’s milk (e.g. o..
R124.49 Ex Tax: R109.20
Bottle Size is  100ml Dietary supplement for dogs, cats and horses containing a hi..
R83.28 Ex Tax: R73.05
200 ml bottle. Mirra-Cote® with BioZinc is a nutritional supplement to aid in the m..
R129.62 Ex Tax: R113.70
250 gr tub. Palatable nutraceutical for dogs and cats containing chondroitin, glucosami..
R240.08 Ex Tax: R210.60
Bottle of 60 Tablets. Special film coated and odourless tablets containing chondroitin,..
R304.72 Ex Tax: R267.30
250 gr tub. A combination of potent natural ingredients, especially formulated for larg..
R332.42 Ex Tax: R291.60
Convenient finger-fitting toothbrush in a single pack. Use with PET DENT® Toothpaste (..
R29.93 Ex Tax: R26.25
100 ml bottle. A pleasant-tasting sugar and alcohol free oral rinse especiall..
R88.16 Ex Tax: R77.33
60 gr tube. Tasty oral gel for dogs and cats that promotes overall oral hygiene in pets..
R66.44 Ex Tax: R58.28
This unique "double-ended" toothbrush with its special long handle (22cm) will r..
R29.93 Ex Tax: R26.25
60 gram tube. Palatable, malt-flavoured dental paste for dogs and cats. Contains whiten..
R57.03 Ex Tax: R50.03
Ideal for supplementing milk to newborn puppies and kittens (use with Milko-pup or KittyMi..
R73.19 Ex Tax: R64.20
100 ml bottle. Clear liquid sunscreen spray for protection of susceptible animals (e.g ..
R96.19 Ex Tax: R84.38
500 gr tub. Scientifically-formulated, patented odour neutraliser in powder form for de..
R165.76 Ex Tax: R145.40
200 ml bottle. Scientifically-formulated, patented odour neutraliser spray that chemica..
R90.80 Ex Tax: R79.65
250 ml bottle. A rich non-irritating shampoo for dogs, cats and horses, which aids in p..
R114.88 Ex Tax: R100.77
Protexin Soluble is a palatable, probiotic powder for dogs and cats containing 7 diff..
R70.54 Ex Tax: R61.88
250 ml bottle. A gentle low-foaming conditioning shampoo specially formulated to suit t..
R88.16 Ex Tax: R77.33
250 ml bottle. A pearly shampoo especially formulated for long-haired dogs and cats. Th..
R68.40 Ex Tax: R60.00
250 ml bottle. Mild, non-irritant “no-tears” shampoo with ingredients that ..
R68.40 Ex Tax: R60.00
250 ml bottle. Contains triclosan and rosemary oil for a healthier, cleaner coat in dog..
R68.40 Ex Tax: R60.00
250 ml bottle. This natural shampoo — for use in dogs only — contains Austr..
R68.40 Ex Tax: R60.00
250 ml bottle. A rinse-free foaming shampoo conveniently cleans and freshens without wa..
R68.40 Ex Tax: R60.00
200 ml bottle. A moisturising, conditioning deodorant spray with a pleasing fragrance &..
R68.40 Ex Tax: R60.00
500 ml bottle. Luxury pearly shampoo with lanolin, is mild enough for regular use in do..
R72.60 Ex Tax: R63.68
250 ml bottle. Antidermatosis shampoo for use in dogs and cats with antiseborrhoeic, ke..
R124.49 Ex Tax: R109.20
50 gr tube. Fly repellent ointment containing permethrin, esbiothrin, piperonyl butoxid..
R75.75 Ex Tax: R66.45
A pleasant smelling solution which contains permethrin, esbiothrin, piperonyl butoxide and..
R82.00 Ex Tax: R71.93
350 ml can. Use on carpets, furniture, kennels, bedding, crevices in the floor, etc. Co..
R143.02 Ex Tax: R125.46
Bottle Size is 250 ml Luxury insecticidal, flea & tick shampoo safe for use on cats..
R98.50 Ex Tax: R86.40
250 ml bottle. Luxury insecticidal, flea & tick shampoo for dogs. Contains evening ..
R98.50 Ex Tax: R86.40
Have your home smelling as fresh as a daisy with EnviroFresh Odour Neutraliser. If your pe..
R139.71 Ex Tax: R122.55
Your dog or cat may get foreign objects such as sand, grass or sticks in their eyes from t..
R59.77 Ex Tax: R52.43
Cats who get ‘Snuffles’ are usually carriers of the Feline Herpes virus-1 (FHV..
R167.50 Ex Tax: R146.93
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