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Ultrum Duration Environment Flea Spray

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350 ml can.

Use on carpets, furniture, kennels, bedding, crevices in the floor, etc. Contains permethrin, esbiothrin and pyriproxifen (Insect Growth Regulator). Gives instant knock-down of adult fleas, 2 month's activity against biting fleas and over 6 month's activity against larval and egg forms. One can covers ± 15-20m2.


Fleas are an environmental problem. Many people think that by just applying a top-spot product the problem will be solved. This is NOT the case. When sorting out a flea problem remember the following:

  • Treat ALL animals in the house - dogs and cats included. If there’s a stray cat coming into your house then either keep it out or treat it as well. 
  • When you apply the flea treatment, many of the fleas will jump off into the environment. This is why I advise spraying the ENTIRE house with Ultrum, including under the beds, couches and the dog’s bedding. Don’t forget the outside areas where your dogs or cats spend their time. 
  • Make sure that the product you use has residual action, like a spot-on or Bravecto tablet, otherwise once the shampoo/powder stops working the fleas will just jump back onto the animal.

Act 36/1947 Reg No. L7504


Contains 1,48% Permethrin (long-acting repellent), 0,12% Es-bioallethrin (instant knock-down) and 0,04% Pyriproxifen (UV-stable insect growth regulator).

If you see 5 fleas on your dog, you can be sure there are at least 95 fleas and their eggs hiding in the pet's bedding, in your carpets and in your furniture. And when you treat your dog for fleas, remember that the flea eggs in your household will hatch and infest him again. ULTRUM Duration gives certainty in clearing a flea infestation: just spray pet's bedding and your carpets and furniture with ultra-long-acting ULTRUM Duration. Now relax totally, because this aerosol spray acts for up to 6 months, killing fleas and preventing eggs from hatching. ULTRUM Duration is safe to use, doesn't stain fabrics or damage furniture (but a test spray on a non-visible area is always a good idea).

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