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Picking up dog poopies is a normal part of the dog-parent lifestyle, but that doesn’..
R262.19 Ex Tax: R227.99
The Giro Pet Carrier is absolutely ideal for transporting your pet in your car to the vet,..
R531.86 Ex Tax: R462.49
Provide your dog with some extra warmth, love and glam this winter with this super stylish..
R734.13 Ex Tax: R638.37
Travel with the peace of mind knowing your pet is clearly identifiable, secure, hydrated a..
R266.69 Ex Tax: R231.90
Let your pet travel safely and in style with the Viaggio Pet Airline Carrier. Available on..
R726.63 Ex Tax: R631.85
The Wire Dog Crate is great for housetraining, providing a safe retreat during stressful s..
R711.64 Ex Tax: R618.82
Effectively cool your dog down during scorching hot days and sizzling summer months with t..
R314.63 R524.38 Ex Tax: R455.98
40% Short Expiry Special
Let your dogs turn heads, as they turn theirs with this moisturising and volumizing 2-in-1..
R67.42 Ex Tax: R58.63
Treat your dog that suffers from sensitive skin and leave them looking and feeling as smoo..
R67.42 Ex Tax: R58.63
If your pet eats WAY too fast, then you defs need the Anti-Scoff pet bowl from M Pets in y..
R157.31 Ex Tax: R136.79
SJOE-WEE, if you have a gorger on your hands, then the Anti-Scoff pet bowl from M Pets is ..
R157.31 Ex Tax: R136.79
Step into the future with the 100% organic, 100% biodegradable, loved by cats, adored by c..
R149.82 Ex Tax: R130.28
Picking up after your dog is non-negotiable, because gross, nobody wants to step in that. ..
R119.85 Ex Tax: R104.22
The Bristle Brush from M Pets is the perfect grooming tool for general grooming of all dog..
R104.88 Ex Tax: R91.20
Keep cat litter where it belongs with the M Pets Cat Litter Mat. Made from a rubber-s..
R74.91 Ex Tax: R65.14
Easily, effectively and safely trim your those dangerously sharp kitty nails with this Cat..
R59.93 Ex Tax: R52.11
Help prevent matting and remove loose hair, difficult mats and rebellious knots from your ..
R112.37 Ex Tax: R97.71
The Dental Care Set from M Pets is great to help combat tooth trolls, plaque and tartar bu..
R119.85 Ex Tax: R104.22
This Double Sided Pin Brush from M Pets is great for general grooming of all sized dog bre..
R142.32 Ex Tax: R123.76
Remove dead hair from your dog’s under AND topcoat like it’s a walk in the par..
R134.84 Ex Tax: R117.25
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