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Maxhealth Dry Dog Food is an absolutely great and tasty dog food to consider when your small, medium, large and devoted dog suffers from food sensitivities, disorders and or has symptoms like red and watery eyes, intensive paw licking, a dull and dry coat, ear inflammation, unwanted dandruff, an excessive desire to eat grass, patchy loss of hair, skin inflammation or irritation, foul skin odour and more. Maxhealth recipes do not contain any tallow (cooked fat), land animal meat or by-products, fat or digested animal tissue used to enhance palatability. The ONLY animal protein and fat source used in Maxhealth dog food is oh-so-yummy ocean fish that is 90% digestible. So apart from being low in fat and high in protein and omegas - it also makes for an ideal meal to help sensitive dogs with sensitive skin and tummies have a feast at dinner time. So, let your charismatic and sensitive canine enjoy a healthy dog food jam-packed with goodness, omegas, taste and vital nutrients to soothe the digestive upsets and skin irritation. Save time and shop Maxhealth dog food online with us. ePETstore delivers right to your door anywhere in South Africa - be it Sandton or Kuruman.