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This pet door is fantastic to stop strange pets entering your home (without the PetHub) and super fantastic to keep your pets safe during thunderstorms / fireworks OR to provide them with outdoor freedom when you’re not at home (with the PetHub) - pow!

Simply register your pet’s microchip / RFID collar tag on the device, and as they approach the door, it’ll automatically unlock, open and lock once they’re on the side they want to be. It’s magical.

When used with the SureFlap Pet Hub though, this device transforms into the world's first app-controlled Microchip Pet Door. 

It truly is a stunning way to ensure you know about your pets whereabouts (especially when you’re at work OR on holiday), monitor long-term activity (for Romeo and Juliet situations), notice changes in their behaviour (through sickness and in health) and allow them the protection or freedom they need when you’re gone.

When those thunder clouds come rolling in and rolling out - just check the Sure Petcare App, lock/unlock the door, rest assured and keep living the dream - and that’s what we call the ULTIMATE pet door and the ULTIMATE pet protection.

Works with most common chips. For peace of mind, check your pet’s chip is compatible in the chip checker on the SureFlap product page. Scroll down to find the checker.

For  adivice on the phone, call 0800 992790 – their team is standing by to help you

  • Designed for LARGE CATS and SMALL DOGS
  • Creates a safer and controlled environment for you and your pet
  • Boasts selective entry – any animal can exit, but not all can enter (only registered pets can enter)
  • Prevents strange animals entering your home thus eliminating havoc
  • Compatible with most common identification microchips / RFID collar tags (sold separately if they’re not chipped)
  • Installs into doors, glass and walls (additional accessories needed for glass & wall installation)
  • No power plug required
  • Battery light that flashes to indicate batteries need changing
  • Battery powered with up to 6 months battery life (4 x C cell batteries not included)

When used with the SureFlap Pet Hub (sold separately):

  • You can lock / unlock your pet door anytime from anywhere
  • You’ll receive notifications when your pets enter/exit your home
  • You can monitor long-term activity and changes in their behaviour


  1. You will need a mounting adaptor for glass / wall installations 
  2. For wall installations you might need wall adaptors – please request these with us
  3. You may need a mounting adaptor for installation in metal doors depending on the type of door – speak to us for more info
  4. No need for a mounting adaptor for installation in wood doors 

To be 100% certain this door is the right size for your pet, we recommend cutting a hole in the side of a large cardboard box the size of the flap opening. Then get your cat to go in and out of the box. If she gets through without dragging the box around then you can be sure that this cat flap ios the right size.

Flap opening dimensions – 178mm (W) x170mm (H) 
Tunnel Depth – 70mm (D)
Exterior Frame Dimensions – 262mm (W) x 281mm (H)
Door/Wall Mounting Dimensions – 207mm (W) x 234mm (H)
Glass Mounting Dimensions – 300mm (A circular hole is required to install the pet door in glass. The optimum hole size is 300mm, but the pet door can be installed into holes up to 320mm in diameter)

Door Installation Video


Glass Installation

Wall Installation

Download PDF Manual here


Download Additional Information here


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