Cuddle Cat Toy & Pal

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Comfort stressed cats to anxious kittens with this super-soft and super-soothing Cuddle Cat Toy and Pal from Petstages.

It creates a warm, soft and safe space for senior cats, adult cats and kittens to relax and improve their emotional well-being during stressful situations, storms or trips to the vet.

  • SUPER SOFT – flaunts a soft fleece fabric perfect for cuddling and providing comfort
  • WARM – stuffed with buckwheat and can be microwaved for added warmth
  • SOOTHING – its shape and warm stuffing help soothes and calms (this must-have friend is ideal to help ease kitten separation anxiety too)
  • MACHINE WASHABLE – simply pop the removable plush fleece exterior in the wash and voilà


  1. Microwave on HIGH for about 30 seconds. 
  2. Remove and place with your fabulous feline. 


  1. Remove the warming packet from the inside of the Cuddle Pal.
  2. Machine wash in cold water. 
  3. Dry completely.

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