Westermans Mixed Bird Seed

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Have a flock of mixed birds in your life, garden and home? Then treat them to this delicious MIXED BIRD SEED mix that includes Red and Yellow Millet for them to feast on. YUM!

It’s a fabulous choice for hardcore bird lovers and is perfect for birds who don’t like maize too.

  • Suitable for MIXED BIRDS
  • Great choice of bird food for hardcore bird lovers
  • Perfect fit for birds who don’t like maize (only contains millet)
  • Seed mix includes Red and Yellow Millet


  • Keep food and water bowls clean
  • Always ensure fresh water is availabe
  • Feed your bird enough seeds to finish in a day

Store in a cool, dry place.

5KG | 10 KG 


Includes red and yellow millet and additional grains.

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