Natura Dumbbell Cat Toys

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Perfect to get your cat moving, keep them entertained and provide them with loads of fun. These kitty dumbbells are infused with catnip and rattling seeds, covered with coarse raffia string (a material that cats love to dig their nails into) and have exhilarating feathers attached at each end to grab your cat’s curiosity and undivided attention.

  • Infused with catnip to attract your cat’s attention
  • Filled with rattling seeds to captivate your cat’s curiosity
  • Covered with coarse raffia string, a material cats love to dig their nails into
  • Exhilarating feathers attached at both ends to fascinate your cat even more
  • Provides exercise, relieves stress and keeps your cat mentally and physically stimulated
  • 2 cat toy dumbbells per pack - light brown feathers, dark brown raffia centre + beige dumbbell coloured balls

Dumbbell 12 cm
Dumbbell + Feather 30 cm

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