Outward Hound

 If Old MacDonald had a farm, why not give your dog the same joy, with these durable, chew..
R121.19 Ex Tax: R105.38
Splash up water games, interactive dog games and outdoor fun to level 100 with these Float..
R194.52 Ex Tax: R169.15
Grab your dog’s attention, and win over their hearts with these stunning, floppy and durab..
R212.08 Ex Tax: R184.42
The Invincibles Mini are beyond adorable - but don’t that fool you. These dog toys a..
R136.18 Ex Tax: R118.42
Squeakers, peepers, honkers, grunters and added crinkle sounds giving your dog will a jing..
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Upgrade an interactive game of toss and fetch with these incredibly durable and delightful..
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If your small dog has the jaw strength of a piranha, you’d want to invest in these Tough S..
R141.38 Ex Tax: R122.94
If your large dog LOVES chewing, biting and ripping into things – as most of them do – you..
R196.93 Ex Tax: R171.24
The Tough Seamz snake is just that. Great for a good game of tug-of-war. Double stitched a..
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Treat your dog to the time of their life with a Bionic Ball dog toy. It’s tough enou..
R156.36 Ex Tax: R135.97
Let your dog’s toy collection evolve with this tropically bright, beautiful and beyo..
R252.48 Ex Tax: R219.55
Destructive doggies have met their match with the Fire Biterz dog toy. Made f..
R297.59 Ex Tax: R258.77
Tired of your dogs gnawing their way through ALL their toys? Then treat them (and you..
R121.05 Ex Tax: R105.26
Slow down your small dog’s speedy eating with this colourful, top rack dishwasher safe (ju..
R171.50 Ex Tax: R149.13
Some dogs GORGE like the seven sins aren’t even a thing. If you have a speedy eater in you..
R312.73 Ex Tax: R271.94
The perfect little friend for your dog! Soft and cuddly, great for carrying and cuddling a..
R146.27 Ex Tax: R127.19
Back to school, back to work or back to bed - either way - keeping your dog occupied, ente..
R302.63 Ex Tax: R263.16
Let them HOP to a new world of play with these Invincibles Frogs dog toys. Colourful, soft..
R232.02 Ex Tax: R201.76
Designed for tough chewers, the Invincible range of toys from Outward Hound are delightful..
R196.72 Ex Tax: R171.06
If you’re feeling lucky, so will your dog - put that luck to test with this super exciting..
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