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Pawz to Clawz

Every cat parent knows - cats LOVE to scratch and ADORE to nap. Why not provide them with ..
R199.49 R284.99 Ex Tax: R249.99
BF: 30% Off
You don’t need to sell all your furniture to prevent your cat from scratching. With ..
R147.01 R210.01 Ex Tax: R184.22
BF: 30% Off
Make your dog roar with excitement with the Plush Dinosaur Buddies dog toys. They’..
R118.99 R169.99 Ex Tax: R149.11
BF: 30% Off
The Helmet Head Sea Buddies dog toys from Pawz to Clawz are great 2-in-1 dog toys! Boastin..
R115.49 R164.99 Ex Tax: R144.73
BF: 30% Off
What better way to show your dog you care, than spoiling them with the Knot-Eaze Farm Budd..
R91.00 R130.01 Ex Tax: R114.04
BF: 30% Off
The Knot-Eaze Wild Buddies from Pawz to Clawz dog toys love to be carried, tossed..
R129.49 R184.99 Ex Tax: R162.27
BF: 30% Off
Upgrade playtime with this magnificent Monster Treat Release dog toy. Great for games of f..
R80.50 R115.00 Ex Tax: R100.88
BF: 30% Off
Give your dog with butterflies in their stomach with the Plush & Tuff Butterfly dog to..
R76.99 R109.99 Ex Tax: R96.48
BF: 30% Off
This little Plush & Tuff Ladybird dog toy from Pawz to Clawz doesn’t only look..
R120.00 Ex Tax: R105.26
The Plush & Tuff Lizard dog toy from Pawz to Clawz will slither its way into your dog&..
R70.00 R100.00 Ex Tax: R87.72
BF: 30% Off
Every cat parents knows - scratching is inevitable. Decorate your home and your cat’..
R210.00 R300.00 Ex Tax: R263.16
BF: 30% Off
Cats love to sink their nails into objects to mark their domain, stretch their muscles, sh..
R185.50 R264.99 Ex Tax: R232.45
BF: 30% Off
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