Spoil your playful pooch with this glorious green gator filled with tons of fun. Let them ..
R171.50 Ex Tax: R149.13
Your devoted dog will never become a stick in the mud with the Durable Stick Chew dog toy ..
R100.88 Ex Tax: R87.72
Strengthen the bond between dog parent and dog, whilst strengthening your doggy’s chest an..
R123.08 Ex Tax: R107.03
The Mini Barbell Chew dog toy from Petstages is just the right size for any small sized do..
R100.88 Ex Tax: R87.72
This is the perfect starter kit for small dogs who love to chew! 3 glorious dog toys that ..
R166.44 Ex Tax: R144.73
Many small dogs are prone to dental problems and dental disease - so why not stop those yu..
R216.89 Ex Tax: R188.60
The Mouse on Wheels cat toy offers easy, fun interaction for you and your phenomenal felin..
R85.74 Ex Tax: R74.56
A magnificent amphibious dog ball for the dog that loves to swim and run. The Orka Ball Ch..
R247.15 Ex Tax: R214.91
Blue and brilliant, the Orka Bone Chew dog toy brings joy to chew and chomp time! Wit..
R141.23 Ex Tax: R122.81
Is it a bird, is it a plane? It’s the Orka Flyer Chew dog toy from Petstages! With the spe..
R186.61 Ex Tax: R162.27
Fill your small sized dog’s days with the Orka Mini Chew dog toy from Petstages. With fun ..
R105.92 Ex Tax: R92.10
The Orka Pine Cone Chew dog toy from Petstages is as adorable as its name. With dental ben..
R151.31 Ex Tax: R131.57
The Orka Stick Chew dog toy is great for interactive play AND your dog’s dental health. Th..
R100.88 Ex Tax: R87.72
Petstages reinvented the wheel and created the Orka Tire Chew dog toy. This blue dog toy i..
R226.99 Ex Tax: R197.38
The Orka Triple Link Chew dog toy cleans gums and teeth when chewed, so why not spoil your..
R149.29 Ex Tax: R129.82
The Orkakat Catnip Infused Ball with Bell cat toy is every cat’s dream come true! This ora..
R65.56 Ex Tax: R57.01
Charlie Chaplin’s movies were silent and super entertaining, and in similar fashion, so ar..
R78.69 Ex Tax: R68.43
The Twinkle Ball is made from soft material, making it perfect for quiet nighttime play. E..
R100.88 Ex Tax: R87.72
Don’t let sensitive gums get in the way of a day’s fun - sooth your dog with the Cool Teet..
R108.95 Ex Tax: R94.74
The Easy Life Hammock Cat Scratcher is the best of both worlds! It’s a sturdy bed th..
R353.07 Ex Tax: R307.02
Keep destructive behaviour at bay, and relieve boredom with this cool, blue, stuffing-free..
R196.72 Ex Tax: R171.06
This is a glorious creepy crawly cat toy! Wake up your cat’s natural instincts with this s..
R75.66 Ex Tax: R65.79
Reduce boredom, and prevent destructive behaviour, with this Latex Free Chicken dog toy. F..
R131.12 Ex Tax: R114.02
A little extra love goes a long way - soothe your cat with the Purr Pillow Cat Toy. Touch ..
R171.50 Ex Tax: R149.13
Help your dog stay fit and intrigued with the Rebound Ball dog toy. This ball bounces back..
R151.47 Ex Tax: R131.71
Build a long lasting friendship with your dog, with interactive play and the Rebound Baton..
R126.22 Ex Tax: R109.76
Revive your house cat's natural instincts with the exhilarating Catnip Chaser cat toy. The..
R161.40 Ex Tax: R140.35
The donut-shaped Catnip Chew Ring cat toy cleans your cat’s teeth with every bite and exer..
R65.56 Ex Tax: R57.01
The Catnip Mice Chew cat toy makes flossing fun, with a netted shell exterior flossing you..
R92.81 Ex Tax: R80.70
Treat your phenomenal feline with the Cheese Chase cat toy! This cat toy is a hit with cat..
R302.63 Ex Tax: R263.16
This large crinkly, brightly coloured Crunch and Wrestle Fish cat toy is the beautiful and..
R131.12 Ex Tax: R114.02
This is a magical toy for dogs that LOVE to CHEW. The Crunchcore Chew dog toy from Petstag..
R141.23 Ex Tax: R122.81
This larger than life cat toy is great to wrestle with in the day and to cuddle with at ni..
R110.98 Ex Tax: R96.50
This breathtaking (pun intended) mint infused cat toy is a great toy to freshen up that ki..
R74.66 Ex Tax: R64.92
Bring out the best in your cat by satisfying their natural instincts with the Green Magic ..
R105.92 Ex Tax: R92.10
It’s a well-known fact - cats LOVE things that move and cats LOVE lasers! So spoil your fa..
R110.95 Ex Tax: R96.48
The Orkakat Catnip Infused Mice cat toy comes in a pack of two toys for twice the fun. Tha..
R105.92 Ex Tax: R92.10
The Orkakat Wiggle Worm is simply just too much fun to carry! With floppy moving material ..
R65.56 Ex Tax: R57.01
The names says it all, this eye-catching cat toy SHAKES, RATTLES and ROLLS.Filled with bea..
R70.62 Ex Tax: R61.41
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