1KG box Upgrade the dog treats in your house to these healthy, vet recommended spare ri..
R65.44 Ex Tax: R57.40
1KG box A tasty and nutritious treat with a spare rib flavour that dogs will love. Suit..
R65.44 Ex Tax: R57.40
Size: 430g box A fun, delicious and healthy treat for your adult dog, that tastes as fa..
R46.43 Ex Tax: R40.73
Size: 650g box Probono Puppy Milk Biscuits were handmade with love, care and a stack of..
R53.77 Ex Tax: R47.17
Tail wagging, tasty, low fat dog biscuit treats for dogs with a tendency to be a little to..
R63.27 Ex Tax: R55.50
The perfect end to a busy day - a delicious bedtime treat – what more could your pam..
R63.27 Ex Tax: R55.50
If your dedicated dog is going to rise - they might as well shine, with these Probono Rise..
R63.27 Ex Tax: R55.50
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