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If Rapunzel were a housepet, she’d probably be using the Combo Comb & Moult ..
R360.01 Ex Tax: R313.05
De-matt matted pet coats like a champ with the De-Matting Comb for dogs and cats. Great fo..
R120.01 Ex Tax: R104.36
The Deep Plush Donut Pet Bed is super stylish, magnificently modern pet bed for cats and s..
R430.00 Ex Tax: R373.91
Short, medium or long haired dogs - start getting excited, because the Double Sided Groomi..
R160.00 Ex Tax: R139.13
Nobody has time for untrimmed and unmanaged moustaches, ear hair, mono brows and what not...
R155.00 Ex Tax: R134.78
Check for fleas, flea dirt, signs of fleas or simply brush your pet’s coat (even whe..
R75.00 Ex Tax: R65.22
The Fluffy Grumpy Cat Toy is indeed fluffy, it’s round, it rattles and has a long da..
R85.00 Ex Tax: R73.91
Raggedy Ann is adorable as a doll, not so much as a look on your cat. Stop the uncontrolla..
R110.01 Ex Tax: R95.66
Maintain their self-respect, stimulate the flow of natural oils, remove knots, tangles, ma..
R95.00 Ex Tax: R82.61
Spoil your charismatic canine with a charismatic trim and these charismatic Grooming Sciss..
R200.00 Ex Tax: R173.91
Improve the bond between you and your cat with the Annoying Plush Cat Wand. Don’t le..
R165.00 Ex Tax: R143.48
Treat your feline with this incredibly cool cucumber - the Blind Mouse Cat Toy. It looks a..
R100.00 Ex Tax: R86.96
The Catfish Cat Wand boast multi-textures and multiple levels of fun. Designed to stimulat..
R120.01 Ex Tax: R104.36
The Grumpy Cat Christmas LED Lights cat wand is the ultimate festive gift for your ca..
R190.01 Ex Tax: R165.23
Spoil your dog with this super soft and super fun Grumpy Cat Floppy Plush Dog Toy. It..
R215.00 Ex Tax: R186.96
A Hair Ball you actually want! It’s perfect for batting, swatting, rolling and pounc..
R75.00 Ex Tax: R65.22
Keep your cat busy when you’re at home or at work with the Plush Doorknob Hanger. ..
R200.00 Ex Tax: R173.91
The Grumpy Reindeer Ball cat toy is a superb toy for your cat to bat, roll, swat, pounce, ..
R85.00 Ex Tax: R73.91
Trim your dog and/or cat’s nails and claws with precision and comfort and with the G..
R100.00 Ex Tax: R86.96
An indoor adventure like no other awaits - the Jolly Moggy Cat Tunnel cat toy is perfect f..
R180.01 Ex Tax: R156.53
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