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A complete diet for adult and mature beagles over 12 months of age. The Beagle is known fo..
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50% Short Expiry Special
The world’s smallest dog with the biggest personality, the Chihuahua, can be quite a..
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The Dachshund, cute, lively & playful, with its long body and short legs is a real fav..
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Poodles, very playful and active by nature, need a lot of care to keep their unique, wooll..
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Yorkies, cute yet feisty, are definite rulers of the roosts they inhabit. With a tendency ..
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Balanced and complete diet for senior cats over 12 years old. To support healthy ageing in..
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A complete diet for adult and mature beagles over 12 months of age. The Beagle is known fo..
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Bag contains 12kg.   A complete dog diet for adult and mature Boxers - Over 15 ..
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Contributes to maintaining the British Shorthair's muscle mass (optimal protein and L-..
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This formula reduces intestinal fermentation, which may cause digestive disorders, flatule..
R983.72 Ex Tax: R855.41
CHIHUAHUA ADULT satisfies the Chihuahua’s fussy appetite thanks to the combination o..
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COCKER ADULT helps support the skin’s ‘barrier’ role (exclusive complex)..
R297.59 Ex Tax: R258.77
Reward your Dachshund with the mouth-watering dog food specifically formulated to cater fo..
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The ultimate cat food for your very fussy eater. Royal Canin Adult Savour Exigent cat food..
R72.99 Ex Tax: R63.47
The ultimate cat food for your very fussy and moderately active cat. Royal Canin Adul..
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Bag contains 3kg.   A complete diet specially for adult and mature French Bulld..
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Bag Contains 12kg A complete diet for adult and mature German Shepherds - Over 15 month..
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Bag Contains 15kg Spoil your giant companion with delicious dog food from Royal Canin, ..
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Recommended for GIANT BREED PUPPIES (adult weight from 45 kg and over) from 8 to 18/24 mon..
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Royal Pet Giant
Recommended for GIANT BREED MOMMIES ( from 45 kg and over) and her GIANT BREED PUPPIES *g..
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