Royal Canin

Brand rating: 4.8/5
769 product ratings

Royal Canin premium pet food range caters for puppies, kittens, adult dogs, adult cats, active dogs, active cats, indoor cats, outdoor cats, senior dogs, senior cats and just about every pet body type, shape, size and breed in between too. Royal Canin’s delectable dry food selection ranges from mouth-watering kibbles for giant breeds to miniature breeds, cats covered in fur to cats without fur, Chihuahuas to Great Danes, overweight pets to pets who could do with an extra roll or two and a dash more calories, pups with growing joints to seniors with aching joints, as well as mommies and babies to golden oldies. It also flaunts wet pet food to low calorie dog training treats, babydog milk for puppies and babycat milk for kittens, and the entire range from dry to wet to treats to babymilk is packed to the proverbial brim with vital nutrients to support your precious pets’ overall health and physical well-being. So feed your dogs and cats a great-tasting meal, because you know they deserve it!  … AND on the off chance you weren’t aware, then brace yourself, because Royal Canin now flaunts its own incredible CAT LITTER too! Mind blown.

 Is Royal Canin made in South Africa?

Royal Canin's head office is in the south of France, with twelve production facilities worldwide: one being in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Is Royal Canin vet approved?

Yes it is: Royal Canin is approved by WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).

Why is Royal Canin famous?

Royal Canin is extremely popular amongst pet-parents as its range offers dry food for dogs and cats of all life stages, as well as options for small, medium, large (and other breed-specific options) for dogs and cats. 

Why shop Royal Canin pet food online with ePETstore?

By shopping online with us, you skip time-consuming queues and annoying traffic, because ePETstore delivers your pet goodies straight to your door ANYWHERE in sunny South Africa — be it Greyton, Port Alfred, Polokwane, Hogsback, Sandton or Kuruman!