Royal Canin Hairball Care Wet Cat Food

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Treat your fussy feline that battles with hairballs to Royal Canin's delicious Hairball Care in Gravy Pouches. The only premium cat food brand on the market to have a wet hairball diet. 

This tasty, wet cat food helps cats get rid of hair that they swallow, while grooming, through their faeces. Certainly preferrable to kitty coughing up a globule of hair, mucous and goodness knows what else on your newly cleaned carpet.

  • Gets rid of hairballs through the faeces
  • Tasty complete cat food in gravy for fussy felines
  • Helps maintain ideal weight being lower in fat than some other adult wet foods
  • Easy to digest so kitty can absorb all the goodness she needs
  • Feed mixed with Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry food or 100% wet



4 kg 2 pouches + 21 g Dry* 3 + 1/4 Pouches

*Royal Canin Intense Hairball

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