Hanging Seed Feeder for Birds

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Turn your garden into the local seed-hub and pub for wild birds to enjoy with this awesome Seed Feeder from Westermans

It flaunts a little canopy to shelter the seeds from the sun, rain, wind and sand – because obviously nobody LOVES a stale snack. 

But what’s more – it makes pecking and feasting a breeze, with its holes and bars for birds to relax on after a long flight too.

  • Suitable to hang onto a sturdy branch
  • Cylinder-shaped with 4 metal bars, strategically places below 4 holes to make feeding the most enjoyable experience for your new feathered-friends
  • Great product to help attract wild birds to your garden
  • Flaunts a canopy to protect the seeds from all kinds of weather

48 x 6.5cm

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