Simple Solution

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Simple Solution Cleaning Range Available Online

The Simple Solution range of pet cleaning products and training aids is most certainly the simplest solution to help bust stains, odours, pet hair, bad behaviour and more, head on! This range is specially and scientifically designed to effortlessly remove accidental wee-wee’s, poopies, oopsies, vomit, hairballs, blood, dirt and grass with its Pro-Bacteria formula that breaks down organic matter in a matter of 1 … 2 … 3 …! This range also boasts reusable and washable hair lift mitts, and a hair and lint remover to quickly (and easily) remove pet hair from your furniture, clothes and face. It also boasts a urine UV spotter, urine destroyer, carpet cleaning, stain and odour remover, hardfloor cleaners, patio cleaners, cat litter tray cleaners, cat litter tray fresheners, hutch fresheners, extreme surface cleaners and the list goes on, to tackle issues wherever they may occur. This economical and effective range also boasts washable travel pads, puppy training pads and a training pad holder to provide a wee-wee-safe area for your pups, dog travellers and canine seniors as well. Let this be known, if you’re a pet-parent — then Simply Solution is for you! 


How does Simple Solution work?

Simple Solution boasts a unique and special formula with Pro-Bacteria and enzymes that work together to break down, neutralise, and permanently eliminate organic pet stains and odours, while discouraging dogs and cats from remarking and making repeat “visits” on/to the same spot.


Is Simple Solution safe for cats?

Absolutely, Simple Solution pet cleaning products are completely safe to use around cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age, and are safe to use around children too.


Is Simple Solution safe for pets?

Yes it is. The Simple Solution range is safe to use on carpets, upholstery, pet bedding, clothing, tiles, concrete, bricks and any other water-safe surface, as well as around pets and people. 


Why shop Simple Solution pet cleaning products online with ePETstore?

By shopping online with us, you skip time-consuming queues and annoying traffic, because ePETstore delivers your pet goodies straight to your door ANYWHERE in sunny South Africa — be it Kimberly, Cradock, Kenton On Sea, Paarl, Uitenhage or Vereeniging!