Simple Solution Cat Litter Freshener

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The Simple Solution Cat Litter Freshener is a must-have for any cat home! 

It boasts an effective pro-bacteria formula that is activated as soon as your cat uses their loo to help bust odours and keep their litter trays clean and smelling great.

What’s more – these refreshing granules are great to use on any type of cat litter, so go ahead and wave goodbye to smelly corners today. 

  • Powerful pro-bacteria granules are activated when your cat uses the litter tray
  • Can be used on any type of litter
  • Helps to bust unwanted smells and to keep litter box clean
  • Boats a spring breeze fragrance and long-lasting odour neutralising technology
  • Safe to use around pets and children, when used as directed

600 g

Calcium Carbonate, Pro Bacteria Blend, Fragrance.

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