Training Rodent Wheel For Small Pets

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Let your hamstertjie work out in style, with this Training Wheel from MPets.

It makes for a GREAT cage accessory, helps keep them fit and healthy, made from wire (so they don’t chew it, am I right) AND let’s not forget – exercising forms part of a very important hamster routine.

  • Ideal for hamsters
  • Helps keep your hamster fit and happy
  • Can stand alone OR be clipped onto the side of the cage
  • Running/exercising forms part of a vital and natural hamster routine
  • Training wheel made from wire, to prevent your hamster from chewing it

To ensure that your wheel is big enough for your hamster, their back must not be arched when they run.

Small – Ø 13 cm
Medium – Ø 18 cm
XLarge – Ø 27 cm

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