Smart Cat Closed Cat Toilet

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Dimensions: 390 x 550 x 270MM

  • Closed cat toilet for the cat that prefers a littler privacy.
  • Deep plastic tray helps reduce litter scatter. 
  • Charcoal filter helps to reduce odour. 
  • Translucent door guarantees privacy. 
  • Makes daily cleaning an easy job.


These closed litter trays are very useful when you have an indoor cat with lower urinary tract disease. The majority of these cats have sterile urinary tract inflammation which is usually caused by stress. These cats must urinate often and in private spaces. The closed toilets allow them to feel more safe and secure, which ensures they don’t hold in their urine. Remember that with multi cat households, you should have one box per cat and one extra. So, for a household with 3 cats, you need 4 boxes. 4 cats = 5 boxes and so on.

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