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If Old MacDonald had a farm, why not give your dog the same joy, with these durable, chewable and fantastic Soft Farm Animal soft dog toys. Fitted with unique squeakers that make their own silly sounds, and that round, long-lasting molar shape dogs love - your dog will be entertained for hours on end. These toys are perfect to carry, bite, chew and of course cuddle up to after a long day’s play. 


  • Durable and tough dog toy
  • Fantastic for interactive play like toss and fetch
  • Super for biting, chewing, cuddling and carrying
  • With minimal seams for a rounder, molar shape, that dogs love
  • Fitted with their own unique squeakers, that make their own unique sounds to keep your dog entertained for hours

Pig 19cm x 10cm
Cow 21cm x 12cm
Sheep 21cm x 12cm

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