Staywell Big Cat or Small Dog Pet Door

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Give your pets the ability to come and go as they please. This pet door is generously sized for large cats or even small dogs up to 10kgs. The 4-Way lock allows you to choose from four access options to control your pet’s access in and out of your home: open, locked, in-only or out-only. Open allows entry or exit; Locked does not allow entry or exit; In Only allows entry but no exit; and Out Only allows exit but no entry. Large cat or small dog door with 4 way locking system suitable for windows, wooden doors, brick walls, metal and PVC/UPVC.

  • Plus-sized access for your favorite cat or small dog up to 10kg
  • Draught excluder
  • Largest option available for cats
  • Molded in durable plastic, it features a rigid, see-through plastic flap and magnetic weather seal with a circular frame (not square)
  • Use the 4-way locking system  (locked, open, in only, out only)  to control the level of access you want your cat to have
  • Fits wooden doors, windows (single & double glazed), brick walls, PVC/UPVC and metal
  • 3 year warranty


Overall size: 292 mm x 292 mm
Cut out size: 263 mm diameter
Opening size (h x w) 200mm x 190 mm 
Maximum pet shoulder width 180 mm

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