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Stop calling Susan 24/7  to check if your cat has immigrated whilst you’re on holiday OR rushing home from work in a panic during thunderstorms. Simply  get the SureFlap Pet Hub (and the SureFlap Microchip Connect Pet Door) and start living the pet-parent dream.
Connect the PetHub to your WiFi,  download the Sure Petcare App onto your smartphone and reap all the benefits this product provides.- You can lock / unlock your pet door with this device anytime from anywhere, receive notifications when your pet enters / exits your home, monitor long-term activity, notice changes in their behaviour and allow them the protection / freedom they need when you’re away. 

  • The Pet Hub is the link between your Microchip Connect Pet Door and the Sure Petcare App
  • It effortlessly plugs into your WiFi router using an ethernet cable (included)
  • It sends you notifications when your pet enters / exits the home (this is especially great when you want to lock the pet door knowing they’re on the side you want them)
  • Dimmable 'ears' which also flash for notifications (incredibly cool to enjoy when at home)
  • Enables you to control your Microchip Connect Pet Door using the Sure Petcare app (lock, unlock etc) from anywhere and at anytime
  • Add up to 10 Connect products to your household
  • Mains powered



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