VeggieDent Tartar Control Chews For Dogs

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Are you just blown away by your dog’s bad breath? Then freshen it up with the VeggieDent Chews for dogs.

These vegetable-based dental delights are enhanced with FR3SH™ Technology and contain a prebiotic to help tackle oral causes of bad breath and digestive causes of bad breath. 

What’s more - these delicious dental sticks are suitable for dogs who are overweight, diabetic, have liver disease or pancreatitis AND won’t lead to impactions, broken teeth, cut gums or constipation either.

  • Suitable for DOGS (incl. overweight / diabetic dog OR dogs who have liver disease / pancreatitis)
  • Plant-based, no meat ingredients, free of wheat, and easily digestible
  • Highly palatable and easy to administer
  • Unique Z- shape improves chewing action and makes it easier for dogs to grasp; and helps freshen breath and reduce plaque and tartar as they chew
  • Enhanced with FR3SH™ Technology to address oral causes of bad breath, to freshen breath with cooling action and tackle bad breath caused by gastrointestinal problems
  • Contains a prebiotic to promote a balanced and healthy gut flora
  • THIS PRODUCT IS SAFE as it won’t lead to impactions, broken teeth, cut gums or constipation
  • Natural, no artificial ingredients or chemicals, non-GMO corn and moderate in calories 
  • Can be given daily as a reward
  • 15 treats per pack

Give your dog at least 1 chew daily to help reduce plaque.



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