R118.16 Ex Tax: R102.75
SUITABLE FOR GUINEA PIGS Turn your Guinea Pig into a grinny pig with this uber yum and ..
R158.70 Ex Tax: R138.00
SUITABLE FOR CHINCHILLAS Let your Chinchilla be chin-chillin’ with a satisfied tu..
R491.63 Ex Tax: R427.50
SUITABLE FOR GUINEA PIGS Treat your guinea pig to a magnificent muesli meal like the Ve..
R98.33 Ex Tax: R85.50
SUITABLE FOR HAMSTERS, GERBILS, RATS & MICE Treat your handsome hamster, gorgeous g..
R118.16 Ex Tax: R102.75
SUITABLE FOR RABBITS & DWARF RABBITS Spoil your ravishing rabbit with a great-tasti..
R98.33 Ex Tax: R85.50
SUITABLE FOR DWARF RABBITS Give your dwarf rabbit something to hop about and feed them ..
R441.60 Ex Tax: R384.00
SUITABLE FOR PARROTS Snacking on the Versele-Laga Exotic Fruit Mix is basically like sp..
R220.80 Ex Tax: R192.00
SUITABLE FOR HAMSTERS Provide your hamster with the scrumptious Versele-Laga Hamster Fo..
R184.58 Ex Tax: R160.50
SUITABLE FOR MINI HAMSTERS Provide your mini hamster with the mouthwatering Versele-Lag..
R120.75 Ex Tax: R105.00
SUITABLE FOR AFRICAN PARROTS (like African Grey, Jardine’s Parrot, Senegal Parrots) ..
R247.54 Ex Tax: R215.25
SUITABLE FOR AMAZONE / SOUTH AMERICAN PARROTS (like Amazons, Pionusses, Caiques, Macaws, A..
R247.54 Ex Tax: R215.25
SUITABLE FOR AUSTRALIAN PARROTS (like Cockatoos) The  Versele-Laga Prestige Austra..
R247.54 Ex Tax: R215.25
SUITABLE FOR BUDGIES AND SMALL PARAKEETS Provide your beautiful budgie with the multico..
R182.85 Ex Tax: R159.00
SUITABLE FOR CANARIES The Versele-Laga Prestige Canary Food has been specially designed..
R195.79 Ex Tax: R170.25
SUITABLE FOR TROPICAL BIRDS (like Finches) Support your vibrant tropical bird with a bi..
R175.95 Ex Tax: R153.00
SUITABLE FOR RATS Provide your rat with the delicious Versele-Laga Rat Food &ndash..
R193.20 Ex Tax: R168.00
SUITABLE FOR RABBITS AND RODENTS Reinforce the bond between you, your rabbit or rodent ..
R118.16 Ex Tax: R102.75
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