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Turn your garden into the local seed-hub and pub for wild birds to enjoy with this awesome..
R179.78 Ex Tax: R156.33
If you're in the market for a fancy suet holder to go in your fancy garden, then this ..
R119.85 Ex Tax: R104.22
Have you been buying suet balls with no place to put them? Then we’re here to put a ..
R142.32 Ex Tax: R123.76
Bring your home to life and attract an array of wild birds with the help of the Wall Seed ..
R179.78 Ex Tax: R156.33
Treat your wild bug-eating birds to these dried mealworms that are an excellent source of ..
R75.85 Ex Tax: R65.96
What’s better than wearing your heart on your sleeve? Handing it in your garden of c..
R164.81 Ex Tax: R143.31
Have wild birds saying oh là là when entering your garden, with this super-d..
R374.60 Ex Tax: R325.74
This super-duper awesome Blue House Feeder from Westermans is fantastic to attract wild bi..
R170.27 Ex Tax: R148.06
Attract wild birds into your garden with this super-duper awesome Yellow House Feeder from..
R170.27 Ex Tax: R148.06
Made of vegetable fat and assorted grains, these suet snacks are a must-have if your garde..
R269.68 Ex Tax: R234.50
Hmm yum! Have wild insect-eating birds in your garden feast on these delicious mealworm su..
R157.31 Ex Tax: R136.79
Let wild birds feast on these delicious mini suet balls made of vegetable fat and assorted..
R284.66 Ex Tax: R247.53
Polly wants a …. peanut, that’s why this bag of Shelled Peanuts from Westerma..
R25.89 Ex Tax: R22.51
This easy-to-use, easy-to-refill and easy for birds to enjoy Suet Slab Cage from Westerman..
R127.35 Ex Tax: R110.74
Polly wants a …. peanut, that’s why this resealable tub of Unshelled Peanuts ..
R25.89 Ex Tax: R22.51
Attract birds into your garden with this sensational GARDEN BIRD SEED mix that includes cr..
R59.93 Ex Tax: R52.11
Have a flock of mixed birds in your life, garden and home? Then treat them to this delicio..
R89.90 Ex Tax: R78.17
This scrumptious mix of WILD BIRD SEED is the perfect mixture to attract wild birds into y..
R67.42 Ex Tax: R58.63
These wild bird Seed Bells from Westermans are easy to hang in your garden and f..
R299.64 Ex Tax: R260.56
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