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World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter - Unscented

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The World’s Best Unscented Cat Litter is great for multicat households, as it boasts outstanding odour control and is of course longer-lasting too.

This litter is 99% dust free, flushable, septic safe, lightweight, easy to scoop, easy to clean and made from sustainable corn is kind to our planet.

No 1 selling natural cat litter in the USA

  • Unscented
  • Flaunts outstanding odour control
  • Flushable* litter and safe for septic and sewer systems
  • Flaunts outstanding odour control
  • Pet, people & planet friendly – Made from sustainable corn with no added chemicals
  • Quick and tight clumping formula that’s easy to scoop before sticking to the box 
  • ALL natural
  • Easy to scoop
  • 99% dust free
  • Lightweight cat litter, so you don’t have to throw your back out every time your move the tray
  • The no 1 selling natural Cat Litter in the USA

*Only flush 1-2 clumps at a time

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