Zeus H2EAU Pet Drinking Fountain - 6L

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Eliminate gross-tasting, nasty-looking and stale water from your pet’s life – introducing the modern, glamourous and oh so blue Zeus Pet Drinking Fountain.

This contraption satisfaction re-circulates water through filters to provide your pet with a continuous supply of crispy, clean and fresh drinking water, plus the flowing water entices dogs to actually drink more (which of course helps to ensure proper kidney function).

And even more good news – large breed / senior dogs with arthritis, muscle and/or joint pain find this drinking fountain to have a better drinking position too, due to its lift. Bottomline, the only thing that would make this product even cooler than it already is, is if it cooked dinner too.

  • Great for dogs (especially large breed / senior dogs), but also suitable for cats
  • Elevated design provides for a better drinking position
  • Multi-stage filtration absorbs water impurities (replacement filters available – sold separately)
  • Large surface area for greater oxygenation 
  • Increased water-to-air surface area adds oxygen for fresher, tastier water 
  • Re-circulating flow eliminates stale, stagnant water
  • Encourages pets to drink
  • Includes a carbon/foam filter to collect debris, hair and food
  • Capacity is 6 litres

Blue top with white base

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