This 2-Knot Rope dog toy from Zolux is all the rage, as it’s uber fun and helps supp..
R54.05 Ex Tax: R47.00
Treat your dog to an interactive game of tug a toy and fresh breath with this 3-Knot Rope ..
R125.35 Ex Tax: R109.00
SUITABLE FOR DOGS Effectively tackle and unravel small knots in your dog’s coat w..
R235.75 Ex Tax: R205.00
SUITABLE FOR CATS Safely, effectively, effortlessly and responsibly trim your cat&rsquo..
R115.00 Ex Tax: R100.00
Support your dog’s overall oral hygiene during play with the Coil Rope dog toy from ..
R128.80 Ex Tax: R112.00
SUITABLE FOR DOGS WITH SINGLE & DOUBLE COATS Reduce your dog’s shedding ..
R458.85 Ex Tax: R399.00
SUITABLE FOR LONG-HAIRED DOGS Treat your long-haired dogs to a grooming experience extr..
R110.40 Ex Tax: R96.00
SUITABLE FOR DOGS Detangle your dog’s coat like a pro with the help of the Double..
R175.95 Ex Tax: R153.00
SUITABLE FOR DOGS The Matt Breaker Comb for dogs from Zolux is designed for professiona..
R154.10 Ex Tax: R134.00
SUITABLE FOR CATS Wave tot siens to loose, dead and unwanted cat fur with the help of t..
R141.45 Ex Tax: R123.00
SUITABLE FOR DOGS The Metal Slicker Brush for dogs from Zolux is great for brushing, to..
R155.25 Ex Tax: R135.00
Treat your dog to a quality rope toy and fresh breath with this Mint Flavoured Rope dog to..
R27.60 Ex Tax: R24.00
SUITABLE FOR DOGS AND CATS Safely, effectively and effortlessly trim your dog’s n..
R172.50 Ex Tax: R150.00
Keep it fresh with the Octopus Rope dog toy from Zolux. It faunts little rope legs that he..
R175.95 Ex Tax: R153.00
SUITABLE FOR SMALL RODENTS Provide your small pet with a glorious workout and the super..
R69.00 Ex Tax: R60.00
SUITABLE FOR SMALL RODENTS Get your pet rodent into shape with this uber fun Exercise W..
R69.00 Ex Tax: R60.00
SUITABLE FOR CATS Have you been wearing your cat’s fur as a jacket again? Sheddin..
R148.35 Ex Tax: R129.00
SUITABLE FOR CATS The Retractable Slicker Brush for cats from Zolux is easy to clean, g..
R211.60 Ex Tax: R184.00
SUITABLE FOR DOGS Remove dead hair from your dog’s undercoat and topcoat like a p..
R212.75 Ex Tax: R185.00
SUITABLE FOR CHINCHILLAS, GERBILS AND DEGUS Treat your tiny tot to the essential and ul..
R115.00 Ex Tax: R100.00
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