Cat Brushes & Combs

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If Rapunzel were a housepet, she’d probably be using the Combo Comb & Moult ..
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De-matt matted pet coats like a champ with the De-Matting Comb for dogs and cats. Great fo..
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Check for fleas, flea dirt, signs of fleas or simply brush your pet’s coat (even whe..
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Raggedy Ann is adorable as a doll, not so much as a look on your cat. Stop the uncontrolla..
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Maintain their self-respect, stimulate the flow of natural oils, remove knots, tangles, ma..
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Remove shedding hair, smooth out coats AND massage your pet with the Massage Pet..
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Bring all the fun of Where’s Waldo into your home with this Mini Flea Comb For Pets ..
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The Rubber Grooming Brush for Pets is a stunning deshedding and grooming tool to own that ..
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Ticks have always been and always will be SUPER gross. This Tick Remover to..
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Make the most of bathtime with the 2-in-1 Pet Bath and Groom Brush.  This innovati..
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This double-sided Bamboo Grooming Brush is suitable for all dog breeds and all types of do..
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Trim loose hair and fluff from your cat’s delicate furry body with the Moult St..
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Welcome grooming independence into your home with the Catit Senses Self Groomer for all ca..
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Prevent your pet’s wardrobe change, affecting yours with the Foolee Brush for dogs a..
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SUITABLE FOR CATSCats bring so many positive things into our lives, but as ALL cat-parent’..
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