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Cat Stress & Anxiety

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Help your cat know there's nothing to fear. Sentry Calming Collars provide constant co..
R263.34 Ex Tax: R231.00
2in stock
Correct your kitty's annoying and destructive behaviour like separation anxiety, aggre..
R361.67 Ex Tax: R317.25
4in stock
Is your cat or kitten spraying in your home or scratching your furniture? Feliway Spray co..
R477.85 Ex Tax: R419.17
5in stock
Cats who have had recent changes like moving house, a new family member (human or four leg..
R567.33 Ex Tax: R497.66
5in stock
This ‘happy’ pheromone replica really works to calm stressed cats and help cor..
R382.66 Ex Tax: R335.67
5in stock
It’s a well-known fact that cats don't cope well with change. They get stressed ..
R252.95 Ex Tax: R221.89
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