Dog Behaviour & Training

Dog Behaviour & Training

At ePETstore, we know that your dog is “such a good boy” and “the goodest girl”, but we also know that their behaviour can get a bit out of whack from time to time. We’ll let you in on a little secret: Dogs do NOT actually know right from wrong. They don’t. That’s why you need to train and guide your pooch in order to get the behaviour you want out of them. 

Is your best friend leaving presents in your favourite shoes? It’s not their fault! They find your scent comforting, and they just want to feel comfy when they … you know. Do their business. 

Although you love your doggo, this is not how you want their love to be returned. Train them to go outside with our range of super awesome and absorbent training pads. All you need to do is spread some out in the yard and spray it with some Simple Solution Puppy and Training Spray and they’ll go make wee-wees where they’re supposed to. 

If spraying and praying is not the way you want to go, then stock up on some of our delicious Dog Treats and get yourself a hip new Treat Bag. You can then stuff it with treats to carry around so that you can reward your dog for good behaviour. 

ePETstore has also got loads of other training and behaviour goodies, so feel free to look around!

In the meantime, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about dog training and behaviour:

What is the best way to train your dog?

Positive reinforcement, such as lots of patience, love, praise and guidance is always key to getting your beloved pup to listen to you. Avoid anger, tapping or hitting, as your dog will learn to fear you and may  react aggressively. Although it’s great to use rewards as a means of reinforcing good behaviour, it should not be the only form of praise. Pats on the head with a loving tone go a long way. Avoid getting frustrated when training your pooch: They can feel it, and they’ll probably react negatively in response and associate any future training with that emotion. 

Keep things positive and light, and have patience. We’re pretty sure you didn’t learn how to use a spoon the first time around, and we doubt your mom smacked you on the nose when you didn’t get it.  

What dog training command should every dog learn?

Teaching your dog how to do tricks is a great way to bond with them and for them to learn good behaviour. Although there is no “best” trick, it’s important to teach your dog the “come here” command in case they ever escape their collar, get out the door or just need to be by your side (such as to bathe them or put on their leash). Never use this recall command to punish them. As we mentioned before, training and behaviour should be a positive experience for your doggo. So teach them this important training command and reward them with a tasty treat for their efforts!

Why shop dog training and behaviour at ePETstore?

ePETstore only stocks high-quality training and behaviour aids that are proven to work. Not only that, but shopping with us means you’ll be able to skip the queues. As an added bonus, we also deliver straight to your door, anywhere in South Africa—whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban or Polokwane or Richard’s Bay.

Live near Joburg? We also do click n collect, so drop by Northriding after tapping “done” and come and fetch your goodies!