Dog Behaviour & Training Aids

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Encourage your puppy to go make a wee-wee in your designated toilet specific areas with th..
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This Simple Solution Washable Training and Travel Pad is multi-purpose, versatile and a mu..
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We know how distressing it is to see our dog’s very obvious fear manifested by uncon..
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Adaptil Collar is ideal for: Moving homes Travelling by car  Going to the v..
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Well trained dogs make for happy households. Help your dog learn basic obedience comm..
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The CLIX Multi-Clicker with patented volume control is the perfect clicker for fun and pra..
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Dogs eating dog or cat poo, as gross as it is, is very common. Copronat is a complete..
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Whether you have a famale dog is suffering from incontinence, on heat, recovering from sur..
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Whether you have a pet suffering from incontinence, recovering from surgery or are hitting..
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Correct your pooch's destructive or annoying behaviour like separation anxiety, restle..
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Train your dog to be a legend with this lekker LONG training line from M Pets. It&rsquo..
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Is your neighbour’s dog almost as annoying as they are? Does their dog party all nig..
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Help keep your pet from licking, biting, pawing, scratching or rubbing wounds and post ope..
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These disposable Puppy Training Pads by M Pets are absolutely perfect for training your ne..
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Soothe your dog during times of stress, panic and emotional anguish with this innovative a..
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Does your dog to LOVE to chew everything you adore? Put an end to the madness with the Sim..
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Disposable dog diapers for leak-proof protection. Ideal for dogs that wee when excited, fe..
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Show your pets where they may answer the call of the nature, with the super-absorbent Simp..
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The Simple Solution Training Pad Holder is a neat plastic tray that keeps your dog..
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Prevent your dog from biting, chewing, barking and partaking in other potentially disrupti..
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