Dog Behaviour & Training Aids

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Have your dog treats conveniently on hand and make puppy training a breeze with the S..
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Prevent your adventurous pet from having a glorious wee on those flower beds (or simply pr..
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Encourage your puppy to go make a wee-wee in your designated toilet specific areas with th..
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We know how distressing it is to see our dog’s very obvious fear manifested by uncon..
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Adaptil Collar is ideal for:Moving homesTravelling by car Going to the vetStaying home alo..
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Well trained dogs make for happy households. Help your dog learn basic obedience commands,..
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Dogs eating dog or cat poo, as gross as it is, is very common. Copronat is a completely sa..
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Correct your pooch's destructive or annoying behaviour like separation anxiety, restlessne..
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Is your neighbour’s dog almost as annoying as they are? Does their dog party all nig..
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Train your puppy with this clicker training tool – a great choice for any new p..
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Does your dog to LOVE to chew everything you adore? Put an end to the madness with the Sim..
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Show your pets where they may answer the call of the nature, with the super-absorbent Simp..
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The Simple Solution Training Pad Holder is a neat plastic tray that keeps your dog's train..
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Turn your backyard into your dog’s personal jungle gym with the Zip Zoom Dog Agility..
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