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Replacement carbon filters for the Dogit Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain. 3 pack. ..
R343.58 Ex Tax: R301.39
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Stop pet urine burn marks naturally with Dog Rocks igneous rocks from Australia. See the d..
R188.10 Ex Tax: R165.00
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This stunning plastic, air tight dog food storage bin from Curver keeps dog food fresh and..
R476.00 Ex Tax: R417.54
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Beviqui is a stylish, innovative, portable drinking bowl providing fresh water for your po..
R160.00 Ex Tax: R140.35
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The Beco Mat makes meal time less messy, and means your pet won’t be chasing its bow..
R309.00 Ex Tax: R271.05
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Ideal for supplementing milk to newborn puppies and kittens (use with Milko-pup or KittyMi..
R73.19 Ex Tax: R64.20
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Drinkwell Premium Replacement Activated Carbon Filters keep your pet's water tasting c..
R161.61 Ex Tax: R141.76
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The Drinkwell® Cleaning Kit brought to you by Petsafe provides product owners with a c..
R171.70 Ex Tax: R150.61
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Keep your dog tinned food fresh and tasty after opening with the Beco Can Cover. Made from..
R58.00 Ex Tax: R50.88
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