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Bring the outdoors indoors with these interactive, innovative and incredible Flopping..
R349.00 Ex Tax: R303.48
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Let your cat step into the future with the most incredible Feather Hider Pet Droid cat toy..
R363.16 Ex Tax: R315.79
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This unique and interactive cat laser toy, adds a whole new meaning to playtime! It provid..
R508.98 Ex Tax: R442.59
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The Jolly Moggy Vibromouse cat toy brings a whole new level of excitement into your home. ..
R75.01 Ex Tax: R65.23
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The Melody Chaser cat toy range boasts a motion activated sound clip to create a distinctl..
R100.88 Ex Tax: R87.72
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Reduce boredom, decrease anxiety and keep your cat mentally stimulated, as well as physica..
R450.01 Ex Tax: R391.31
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