Cat Treats

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When nutritionists who are cat lovers create a cat treat, then you know it’s gonna b..
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Indulge your phenomenal feline with a soft, savoury, delectable and very meaty cat treat. ..
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The Orijen Wild Boar cat treats are healthy, delicious and a must have. Made from 100% ..
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Spoil your cat with these sensational, 100% natural, delectable, healthy and premium Orije..
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Reward your cat for being 100% awesome with these 100% natural Orijen Six Fish cat treats...
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Buy your cat’s love, affection and gratitude with this delicious, premium and nutrit..
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Help keep teeth trolls at bay, dental deposits away and reduce tartar build-up with the Wh..
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Treat your cat and their taste buds with the Whiskas Trio Crunchy cat treats.   Dev..
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Do you want to run for the hills every time your cat yawns? Then you need these delectable..
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Kitty treats that help remove hairballs. With a crispy cereal shell and healthy cream-fill..
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Treat for cats. Tasty cat treats with a crispy cereal shell and healthy cream-filled ce..
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Every kitty loves a treat! The Healthy Centres Salmon, Chicken o& Dental Bites&nb..
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Give your marvellous mouser a treat with this no mess, no fuss Super Catnip Spray. Harmles..
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Many cats love grass. Super Grass is living supplement for cats that provides extra rougha..
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REWARD TREATS - SUITABLE FOR CATS PRONE TO ALLERGIES Reward your cat with these healthy..
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Buy your cat’s love with the 2-in-1 Original Paw Breakers. It’s a catnip cat t..
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Catnip is a great way to bring the fascination back to old toys, long forgotten beds, negl..
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A hot South African summer coming your way? Is the festive season knocking at your door? T..
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