Cat Products

If you’re a certified crazy cat person, then you’re at the right place. At ePETstore, we’re also a bit cuckoo for kitty cats because we KNOW that felines deserve our utmost love, adoration and, importantly, CARE. And that’s exactly why our premium and quality range of products are the cat’s MEOW. 

Cat Bed & Home 

ePETstore has a bed for all types of cats. Some cats like to take lazy-day naps on a plush little bed while others like to take in the scenery from the tippy top of their loungeable scratchers. Whatever cat bed or you decide on, know that your kitty is set up for the ultimate catnap. 

Cat Bowls & Accessories

Your cat is in for a ‘bowl’ of a time with our range of feeding accessories. From meow-gnifiant footed bowls to thirst-quenching water fountains and accessories, we stock it all. We even have super futuristic cat food bowls that will amaze you. Check them out!

Cat Cleaning & Odour Control

Cats can leave you with some interesting, lingering smells—whether it’s from the litter box, hairballs, vomit or  spraying. Whatever the cause, these need to be SCRUBBED and cleaned in order for them to disappear. Introducing our selection of EXTREME cleaning and odour control products that will turn your house’s frown upside down. 

Cat Collars & ID tags

ePETstore stocks a range of beautiful and soft cat collars and ID tags that will give your kitty that purr-fect fit. Everyone knows that certain cats love to roam and explore, which is why you need a collar and ID tag so that they don’t get lost or find a new home. From collars that are snap-on or snap-off to ones with safety buckles, we have what your cat needs. 

Cat Food & Treats

ePETstore’s wide selection of premium cat food ranges from Hill’s, Royal Canin and Iams to Marlton, Whiskas and more. Whether your kitty is a fussy eater or just needs some extra nutritional care, our cat food and treats are sure to satisfy their tastes. 

Cat Grooming Products

Whether you’ve got a fluffy Maine Coon, a hairless Sphynx or something in-between (you know, just a regular cat), we’ve got the grooming cat products your kitty needs to stay healthy, happy and feline fine! Shop our range of shampoos, nail clippers, brushes, combs and more. 

Cat Health & Wellness

We all know that as purrdy as cats are, they still get parasites and need to be protected from fleas, warms and other creepy crawlies. Luckily, we have a selection of parasite treatments, first-aid kits and other wellness essentials to keep your kitty in tip-top shape. 

Cat Litter & Essentials

Buying your cat premium litter keeps that awful smell at bay and also provides additional benefits you didn’t even know about. For instance, did you know there are cat litters that can be flushed down the loo? Yep, it’s true! And we stock it. Also, getting your kitty a nice, soft clumping litter will make them more likely to use the litter tray instead of your carpet (yikes). 

Cat Toys 

From cat wands, chew toys, plush toys, treat toys, catnip toys, toys to chase and tunnel through … WHEW … There's a lot to choose from, and you can rest assured that your kitty cat will be super entertained. 

Cat Travel & Safety

Whether you’re looking for a cat carrier to help transport your kitty to the vet to a car seat to take them on holiday, we’ve got it all. Keep your kitty safe, secure and anxiety-free with our selection of cat travel and safety essentials.