Cat Cleaning & Odour Control

Cat Cleaning & Odour Control 


It goes without saying, no one, like in NO ONE, likes unwanted smells lingering in their homes, hence the adjective unwanted. BUT as every cat-parent is very well aware — hair, cat wee-wee stains, litter box smells, cat poop and those notorious hairballs just form part of the normal cat-parent package.


Of course, just because it’s normal, doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it all for days and days on end. That’s why ePETstore stocks a beyond incredible range of premium cat cleaning and odour control products that are specially formulated to help you tackle and bust CAT smells, CAT stains, CAT oopsies, CAT poopies, CAT litter box odours and CAT hairballs head on.


An issue every pet-parent falls victim to — SHEDDING, especially when the seasons change. ePETstore has a variety of cat hair remover tools to suit your hair removal needs. GONE are the days where your cat’s wardrobe change takes over yours too! With a quick swipe you can effortlessly remove cat hair from your jacket, leggings, bed, couch, carpet and face (because cat hair be absolutely everywhere sometimes)!


Let’s talk SMELLS and STAINS. Ai nee! What nightmares are made of. Be sure to shop our range of cat stain and odour removers to use on your upholstery, wooden floors, tiles, patios, carpets and their litter boxes to remove sniffs and whiffs from happening in your abode. 


ePETstore stocks everything from special litter box cleaning solutions to litter box fresheners to help keep those cat wee-wee smells at bay. Did you know pet cleaning products are SPECIALLY formulated to deal with pet SMELLS. You can always reach for the regular cleaning products in your broom closet, but let it be known, you can’t go wrong the real pet deal.


A popular question making its rounds is: pet safe floor cleaner, do we stock it? The answer is YES. We pride ourselves in selling top-tier cleaning products that are SAFE to use around children and pets, UNLESS stated otherwise. We even flaunt environmentally-friendly products to put a smile on Mother Nature’s dial. So pack your worries away, and clean your house thoroughly today. 


Why shop cat cleaning and odour control products online with ePETstore?

ePETstore goes to GREAT lengths to procure the finest and most beloved cat cleaning and odour control products around the globe (you know it — the best both locally AND internationally), because that’s just how we roll. By shopping online with us, you of course also skip ALL those dreaded queues, crowds and traffic too, since we deliver right to your door anywhere in South Africa — be it Durban, Cape Town, Polokwane or Richard's Bay.