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Small Pet Toys & Hideouts

Small Pet Toys & Hideouts

Sometimes, all your small pet wants to do is chew, hide and play. That is exactly why you need to be pet parent of the year and buy your tiny tot—whether you have a rabbit, guinea pig, gerbil, hamster, chinchilla, hedgehog, ferret or other tiny critter—a super fun toy or hideout that they can nibble on or run around in to prevent boredom and destruction.

From toys they can climb, chew, forage or hide away in, ePETstore stocks a range of mazes, puzzles, wheels, tunnels, ladders and structures they can explore. Why does your little critter need toys? Well, toys ease your small pet’s natural urge to gnaw on something, and let’s be real: You’d rather have that “something” be a 3D Carrot Toy than your shirt. 

Just like dogs and cats, small pets also need room to exercise, think cognitively and increase their mobility and strength, which is why having something like a Forage Mat is a must-have. Simply toss in some delicious treats and watch them scurry around and play while being rewarded for all their efforts. 

What toys are safe for my small pet?

All the small pet toys on ePETstore are great for your tiny tot to enjoy their free time and prevent boredom. Many of the gnaw toys on the site are made from a pet safe wooden material that they can happily chew on without you having to worry. If you’re ever unsure, contact our customer care team who are more than happy to assist.  

Why does my small pet like to hide?

Your small pet may like to hide out when they feel threatened, anxious or sense danger. This could be anything from loud noises to your other pets sniffing around their cage. Generally, buying your small pet a hideout lets them know you care, as it provides them with a safe space to get away when they feel the need to. It’s also just a comfortable and relaxing place for them to sneak away and catch a few Zs. 

Why shop for small pet toys and hideouts at ePETstore?

Shopping with us means you’ll be able to skip the queues. As an added bonus, we also deliver straight to your door, anywhere in South Africa—whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban or Polokwane or Richard’s Bay.

Live near Joburg? We also do click n collect, so drop by Northriding after tapping “done” and come and fetch your goodies!