Small Pet Accessories

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The Activity Climbing Tower from Rosewood is just what your adventurous small pet has been..
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An adventure like no other awaits, introducing the Activity Suspension Bridge for small pe..
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Put a smile on your small pet’s dial, reduce boredom, provide them with some additio..
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Treat your hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits to the bowl of their dreams, with these beyon..
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Pet pens are all the rage as they provide your pet with a safe space to play, sit, sleep, ..
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SUITABLE FOR DWARF RABBITS, FERRETS AND GUINEA PIGS Provide your tiny tots with an appr..
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Treat your hamsters, mice or gerbils to the ultimate rustic home with the Forest Cabin fro..
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This fabulous Grape ‘n Gnaw small pet toy from Rosewood is an absolutely brilliant g..
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Enrich your small pet’s and your beautiful bird’s day every day with the ..
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Let your small pet have a ball of a time with the super-duper fun and entirely edible Maze..
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Small pets with long coats can easily fall victim to knots, knits, mats and tangles. That&..
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Treat your hamsters, mice or gerbils to this easy-to-build and easy-to-love Play ‘n ..
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Nobody likes stale food, so why should your small have to endure stale hay? So keep it fre..
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Get those hamster limbs moving with this top-quality, shatterproof, uber snazzy Glitter Ha..
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Take a game of hide-n-seek to a whole new level with the super exciting Shred-A-Log Corrug..
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The Treat ‘n Gnaw Logs from Rosewood makes for the ultimate toy and treat to spoil y..
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Upgrade your small pet’s cage with this top-quality, functional and awesome small pe..
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Provide your ravishing rodent with some privacy, a safe space and a home they can relax in..
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Provide your energetic and ravishing small hamster, mouse rat or other pet rodent with a m..
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Get those hamster or rat limbs moving with this uber fun Wooden Wheel from Beeztees. Wi..
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