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Small Pet Cleaning & Odour Control

Small Pet Cleaning & Odour Control

Having a cute little pet is all fun and games until things start to get funky—and by “funky”, we’re referring to the smell. Whether your small pet has a hut, cage or pen, just like any home, it needs to be kept sparkly clean—and it’s not just about the stink.

Keeping the food and water bowls fresh and the cage clean prevents harmful germs and bacteria from building up and causing your pet to get ill. That’s not the only cleaning that needs to be done though. 

There are times where you’re going to want to take your pet out to play or bond. Although these are special moments, tiny tots have teen tiny bladders and they may make an accident on your couch or rug. This is where something like the EcoPro Multi Pet Stain & Odour Eliminator becomes very useful. 

It’s made using biodegradable and plant-based ingredients, which just makes you feel good using it. It’s also suitable for surfaces such as furniture and carpets and is super watersafe. Use it to clean up after tiny accidents or just to keep your pet’s habitat clean and smelling fresh. 

Now to the real nitty gritty. Here are a few common questions about small pet cleaning and odour control. 

How often should I clean my pet’s cage?

You should empty, clean out and refill your pet’s food and water bowls at least once a day. If your tiny critter uses pet bedding, scoop out dirty bedding daily and clean out your pet’s cage, replacing the old bedding with fresh, clean bedding at least once a week. 

How do you clean a small pet cage?

1. Start by gently taking out your pet and placing them in a safe, enclosed space, such as a play pen. Alternatively, ask someone to hold or watch over them while you clean the cage. 
2. Remove the cage components, such as bowls, toys and chews.  
3. Spot-clean the cage by removing any excess food or waste from the cage. Spray F10 Disinfectant Odour Eliminator Spray onto the cage and surrounding areas and wipe down with a wet cloth or paper towel.
4. Rinse thoroughly and dry the cage with dry paper towels. Insert fresh bedding into the cage 
5. Wash food and water bowls with hot soapy water. Dry off and refill with cold water and food. 

Once you’re done, you can place your furry friend back into their super clean, fresh-smelling cage. 

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